N3uron certified with the Seal of Excellence by the EU

N3uron EU Seal of Excellence

We are proud to announce that the EU Commission has awarded N3uron with the Seal of Excellence Certificate. We dedicate this award to all our clients and team members who made this possible.

Our commitment to providing a top software solution to the Industrial IoT market has been gratifying due to the kindness with which our clients have supported our software solution during the evaluation process.

We are firmly determined to improve the outcomes obtained to date, with the object to keep delivering to our customers, present and future, those innovations that have made N3uron a great alternative in this market.

Special gratitude must be given to our team who have been the leading force behind this success.

We also want to thank the European Commission and the international panel of independent experts who have granted us the opportunity to stand out among all those thousands of registered companies of which very few have been certified with the SOE.

We dedicate this award to all our clients and members team who made this possible.

Read more about the EU Commission’s Seal of Excellence: https://bit.ly/2XFO0qy

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