Works on main operating systems


Flawless security built on trusted IT standards


Native Store&Forward mechanism


Includes standard industrial communication protocols

Collect your data from remote locations in a secure and reliable way

The rapid evolution of IoT and connectivity creates new opportunities for industries to increase performance and reduce operational costs. The ability to collect real-time data from remote locations, analyze it, and generate meaningful information is a critical capability for cost-effective operations and asset management. Communication protocols traditionally used in industrial sectors are designed for real-time, deterministic and safe delivery of IO sensor data locally, but centralizing this data in a new Cloud and IoT Era requires new tools and approaches, especially when considering security and reliability.
N3uron is a communication platform that bridges the gap between the industrial plant floor and Cloud-oriented applications. N3uron leverages the technologies and best practices from the Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) worlds to provide a turnkey solution for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0.

More Features

Perfect for slow and unstable connections

Satellite, 2G, radio.

Remote Web management

Access from any device.


Streamlined for really large deployments.

Optimized for Embedded Devices

Runs even on a Raspberry PI.

Robust Data Tunneling

Without data gaps.

Integrate with the main IoT platforms

Compatible with Azure and AWS.

Object Oriented configuration

Create once, deploy anywhere.

Ideal for OEMS

Engineered and priced accordingly.

Easy to install and deploy

Up and running in minutes.

N3uron Extremely Flexible

Extremely Flexible

N3uron works in Linux, any version of Windows, and more, so you can install it on virtually any existing or new industrial device.
With support for ARM processors, N3uron can also run on really small embedded devices making it ideal for OEM solutions.

Install N3uron right onto, or next to, devices on the plant floor or in the field so you can collect data as close to the source as possible, improving data reliability and reducing latency.
On the other hand, N3uron can run on large servers managing hundreds of thousands of signals from entire plants in one single node.

N3uron Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Get connected to plant floor and field devices using standard protocols:

  • OPC DA y OPC UA client
  • Modbus TCP client and Modbus RTU master
  • VDMA-XML client
  • Siemens S7 client

It includes also vendor specific protocols:

  • Driver for Marchesini machines
  • Driver for Kanebo machines
  • Driver for Xantrex solar inverters
  • Configurable driver for ASCII based protocols
N3uron SCADA and IoT platforms

Works seamlessly with SCADA and IoT platforms

N3uron can send the data wherever it is required :

  • MQTT to AWS y Azure
  • OPC UA server for SCADA systems
  • SQL Server data injection
  • MongoDB data injection
  • OSIsoftPI through its UFL connector
  • REST server for most IT systems

Optionally, N3uron can historize the data in its streamlined, high performance, zero maintenance, time series historian.

 Main Industries

Power & Utilities




Oil & Gas

Food & Beverage

Connect your plants and devices with N3uron!

Installs in 30 seconds

Full featured demo mode during one hour


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