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Dedicated Software Modules for Edge Solutions

N3uron Edge Computing – Advanced Technology for Industrial IoT Solutions

Capture, visualize and manage data; a new approach to Edge Computing

Processing data close to the network edge, where data is being generated, can be a challenging and costly affair for companies. N3uron’s communication platform allows you to efficiently process large volumes of data close to source, reducing Internet bandwidth usage and costs. Our range of specially designed modules enable you to increase your data acquisition, visualization, and system control capabilities at your network edge.

Specialized modules for multiple Edge Solutions

data acquisition n3uron
Data Acquisition

Install any additional software module solutions that you may require in order to start processing data at your network edge.

n3uron data acquisition modules
edge computing and visualisation n3uron
Edge Computing and Visualization

Upgrade your visualization and edge computing functionalities by installing these N3uron software module solutions.

n3uron edge computing and visualisation modules
data delivery n3uron
Data Delivery

Publish field-device data by choosing the perfect software module solution for your individual needs.

n3uron data delivery modules

Install N3uron on any device

N3uron is a highly customizable software communication platform, which makes it the perfect solution when it comes to edge computing. N3uron can be run on Windows and Linux, allowing you to install it everywhere and on any industrial device, including both small devices that have ARM or Intel Atom® processors with 500MB of RAM, or large mainframes.

Access Data from Any Machine

N3uron’s software modules allow you to build a custom solution for processing data at the network edge, directly within or next to the devices on the plant floor. PLCs, Data Loggers, RTUs and OPC UA Server devices can be easily connected to N3uron using an unlimited number of tags and machines. An ever-growing number of modules such as Opc Da and Ua Client, Modbus Client, Siemens Client, Marchesini Client, MQTT client, among others, enable you to build the perfect solution to meet all your needs. Learn more about our module functionalities and lists.

fully integrated solution n3uron

An Entire Ecosystem of Software Solutions in One Single Platform

N3uron’s strength lies in its ability to process large volumes of data close to your network edge, where the information is being generated. N3uron is a highly customizable communication software platform that allows you to install multiple modules at any given time in order to upgrade your platform functionalities. N3uron gives users the power to build fully scalable and affordable architecture systems.

MQTT Module – The Power of N3uron is limitless

By installing N3uron’s fully integrated MQTT software module on your N3uron platform, you’ll instantly be able to start communicating with an unlimited number of industrial devices and leading cloud systems, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and more, as well as with all standard MQTT brokers.

Fully Compatible with Any SCADA

All N3uron’s Edge solutions are fully compatible with all of the main leading SCADAs currently available on the market. Web Vision is N3uron’s fully integrated SCADA solution for easy integration.

multiplatform n3uron

N3uron runs on Windows and Linux and supports numerous previous versions of both Operating Systems. You can access and configure N3uron from any device.

Fully integrated Software Solution

N3uron is a highly customizable modular platform, which allows you to perform additional functionalities by stacking new modules onto your N3uron platform.

Powerful with OEMs

N3uron represents the right choice for embedded applications.

endless licensing n3uron
Unlimited Licensing

All N3uron licenses include an unlimited number of tags, devices and clients.

Advanced Versatile Solution

N3uron is built to operate directly within the devices themselves or next to them, on the plant floor.


Frequently asked questions about N3uron Edge Computing

What is N3uron Edge Computing?

N3uron Edge Computing is a set of software modules that have been specifically designed for Edge Computing in order to provide additional functionalities for this platform. All of these modules, along with any other software modules, are categorized into three main areas, depending on your particular needs: Data Acquisition, Data Delivery and Visualization. All N3uron Edge Software modules can be used as standalone solutions, or as part of a more extensive system. To find out which solution best suits your needs, please send us an email at

How does the N3uron free trial work?

Each module in N3uron can be used for one hour at a time, with no further restrictions. Upon expiration of the demo, each module will automatically stop running. By logging into the N3uron web interface, the demo period can be re-started to enable another hour of execution time for each module. The demo period may be re-started any number of times.

Which devices is N3uron compatible with?

N3uron is a multiplatform IIoT software solution, which means that it can be run on both Windows and Linux Operating Systems. To date, N3uron has been successfully tested on the following Linux distributions: Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS, RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), Amazon Linux 2, Oracle Linux and Yocto Linux, among others. In terms of Windows systems, N3uron is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 10 IoT, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019. It can also be run on ARM devices, including Raspberry Pi’s and several other SBCs.

Is N3uron compatible with other IIoT and SCADA solutions?

Yes, N3uron is a technology that was initially designed to communicate with all leading IIoT and SCADA systems that are currently available on the market. However, you can now choose between connecting N3uron to your existing solution or installing Web Vision, our fully integrated pure Web SCADA system.

Where can I find training materials on how to use N3uron?

We offer individual training classes to all clients in order to help you get started using our software communication platform as soon as possible.

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