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N3uron IIoT Communication Software Platform

Empowers Industrial Data with MQTT

Unlock the full potential of your industrial data with N3uron’s MQTT software module

N3uron IIoT Communication Software Platform

Empowers Industrial Data with MQTT

Unlock the full potential of your industrial data with N3uron’s MQTT software module

Industry 4.0 is finally here! Stay at the Forefront of Operational Effectivity with N3uron

N3uron is a communication software platform that has been created to offer an out-of-the-box Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) solution that is capable of combining the power of MQTT data-transfer protocols with unlimited data acquisition capabilities, by using minimum system requirements and reduced hardware investments. N3uron can help you to effortlessly connect thousands of field devices to any Cloud or SCADA system using our innovative MQTT Module.

What makes N3uron special?

endless licensing n3uron
Unlimited Licensing

All N3uron licenses come with an unlimited number of tags, devices and clients.


N3uron runs on Windows and Linux and supports numerous previous versions of both Operating Systems. You can access and configure N3uron from any device.

built in security n3uron
Built-in Security

All data is transmitted using TLS advanced protocols to guarantee the safety of your data.

lightness n3uron
Software made lightweight

N3uron can run on thousands of hardware devices, including Raspberry Pi, without affecting performance.

Store Forward data control n3uron
Store&Forward Data Control

Avoiding data-loss has never been easier thanks to N3uron’s built-in and free Store&Forward mechanism, even when your system is experiencing intermittent connectivity.

trusted information technology models n3uron
N3uron Technology Follows Trusted IT standards

MQTT, OPC UA, REST, SQL, JSON and many more.

Get started with Industrial IoT

MQTT is the most popular protocol for machine-to-machine (M2M) data transfers. Nowadays, it is largely used in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications in order to create lightweight and bandwidth-efficient protocols that are data-agnostic, provide support for multiple levels of Quality of Service (QoS), and are also secured using TLS technology. N3uron’s MQTT module makes is easier than ever to get started with the Industrial Internet of things.

Simple IIoT solutions, made by N3uron

N3uron is a highly customizable modular Industrial IoT communication software platform with an ever-growing number of fully integrated software modules that are easy to stack and will allow you to get the most out of your N3uron platform. Use N3uron to effortlessly connect all of your Industrial data to the leading Clouds or SCADA systems. Alternatively, if you don’t have one yet, you can install our Web Visualization Module for quick, easy, and limitless monitoring of your plants from any Web browser.

Object-oriented Configuration

N3uron’s OOP technology allows you to focus directly on the objects you want to manipulate, rather than the logic required to manage them. It can be used to save time on tedious configuration processes by making use of N3uron’s pre-established templates, which can be created directly from within the web user interface.

object oriented n3uron

N3uron IIoT Architectures

By using N3uron’s MQTT Module, companies can easily set up their own IIoT solution. Main features of N3uron’s IIoT architectures.

collect data from the edge n3uron
Collect and Publish Data Directly from the Edge

N3uron allows you to connect an endless number of PLCs or devices for transmitting and receiving data directly from the network edge.

publish data through mqtt m3uron
Publish and Subscribe Data through MQTT

N3uron securely connects, publishes, and subscribes data to the leading Cloud system providers through MQTT. Our MQTT Software Module makes it possible to communicate bi-directionally and share data with Cloud Servers such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and many others.

n3uron visualisation system
Custom-build your Own Visualization System

The perfect integration option for any of your N3uron software modules, allowing you to build a custom SCADA system that is embedded in MQTT technology.

Main Features of N3uron IIoT

fully web-based technology n3uron
One Hundred Percent Web

Web interface for remote management.

Industrial historian n3uron
Industrial Historian

Store all of your data in a high-performing Historian module.

https security n3uron
Safe & Secure by design

All communication is protected by TLS Protocols.


N3uron runs on Windows and Linux and supports numerous previous versions of both Operating Systems.

multi device n3uron
Access from any device

Access your industrial applications from any device.

built in store forward n3uron
Data loss is a problem of the past

Built-in Store&Forward mechanism.


Frequently asked questions about N3uron IIoT

What is N3uron IIoT?

N3uron IIoT is a set of software modules that have been specially created for IIoT solutions in order to add additional functionalities to the N3uron platform. All of these modules, along with any other software modules, have been categorized into three main areas, depending on your needs: Data Acquisition, Data Delivery and Visualization. All N3uron IIoT Modules can be used as standalone solutions, or as part of a more extensive system. To find out which solution best suits your needs, please email us at [email protected].

What are N3uron Modules?

N3uron is a modular platform that gives you full access to your industrial and operational data, allowing organizations to securely and reliably collect, deliver, monitor, and control assets. The modular design also makes it easy to scale-up and expand the functionalities of your N3uron platform by allowing you to stack multiple modules without needing to pause N3uron. In this way, users can add extra functionalities to the platform and connect N3uron to any PLCs or OPC servers, etc., as well as create custom Industrial IoT or Visualization solutionsVisit our Modules page to learn more about all available N3uron functionalities.

How does the N3uron free demo work?

Each module in N3uron can be used for two hours at a time with no further restrictions. Upon expiration of the demo, each module will automatically stop running. By logging into the N3uron web interface, the demo period can be restarted to enable another two hours of execution time for each module. The demo period may be restarted any number of times.

What does unlimited licensing mean?

N3uron is a modular platform, which means that licensing is also module-based. That said, once you have purchased and own a module license, you can connect an unlimited number of clients, tags and connections to the module functionality installed on the platform. The only limitation that exists is the hardware capability of the device where N3uron has been installed.

Which devices is this N3uron MQTT module compatible with?

N3uron is multiplatform which means that it can run both on Windows and Linux Operative Systems. To date, N3uron has been successfully tested on the following OS: Debian v7, Debian v8, Debian v9, Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS 7, RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019.  Furthermore, it can run on any device, including a Raspberry Pi’s.

Is N3uron compatible with other SCADA solutions?

Yes, N3uron is a technology that was initially designed to communicate with the leading SCADA systems currently available on the market. However, you can now choose between connecting N3uron to your existing solution or installing Web Visualization, our fully integrated data visualization module.

Who is using N3uron?

N3uron is a modular platform used by numerous integrators and industrial businesses from all over the world. Leading companies from all kinds of sectors are using N3uron for their IIoT projects. For a detailed list of companies that have trusted in N3uron, visit our Customers page.

Where can I find materials on how to use N3uron?

Users seeking technical material for using N3uron can access the N3KB Knowledge Base for self-guided instructions and troubleshooting tips. For more comprehensive resource materials, the N3A Academy is also available.

Try N3uron’s free demo for yourself!

Full-featured demo mode (two-hour demo)

Download Free Demo

Some companies who have trusted in N3uron

Companies who have placed their trust In N3uron Industrial IoT
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