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Introducing N3uron

This topic covers the basics of N3uron. Here you will learn what it is, how the platform and modules work, and what architectures are available.

  • [08:09]  What is N3uron

  • [02:39]  N3uron Modules

  • [04:29]  N3uron Architectures


Installing and Upgrading N3uron

N3uron can easily be installed and upgraded on any current operating system, such as Windows and Linux and supports numerous previous versions of both Operating Systems.

  • [03:11]  Installing N3uron on Windows

  • [02:08]  Installing N3uron on Linux

  • [04:03]  Upgrading N3uron on Windows

  • [04:03]  Upgrading N3uron on Linux

N3uron Node


Node Overview

The N3uron Node runs as a web server, and you can access it through a web browser. Once the Node has been installed, you can view status information, license status, alarms, backup and restore the N3uron Node, and more.

  • [05:01]  N3uron Node Web Interface: WebUI

  • [01:40]  Change of the Default Admin Password

  • [02:06]  Making and Restoring Node Backups


Node Licensing

Learn how N3uron’s licenses work and how to activate and update licenses.

  • [01:21]  About Licensing

  • [01:48]  About the Trial Period

  • [01:52]  License Activation

  • [01:37]  Inactivating a License


N3uron Redundancy

Learn how redundancy works in N3uron and how to set it up.

  • [02:23]  How Redundancy Works

  • [04:25]  Setting Up Redundancy

  • [03:50]   Redundancy Agent

  • [01:34]  Database Considerations


Node Network

Learn how to connect multiple Nodes of N3uron together to share information between them and between third-party applications.

  • [00:00]  Links Overview

  • [00:00]  Configuring Links

  • [00:00]   Views

  • [00:00]  Store & Forward


N3uron Security

Learn how to secure your N3uron Gateway.

  • [02:13]  Roles

  • [01:16]  Users

  • [02:42]  Microsoft’s Active Directory

Node Setup


Configuring N3uron Modules

Learn how to configure your N3uron’s Node.

  • [03:51]  Creating a Module Instance

  • [03:11]  Troubleshooting a Module in N3uron