Common N3uron Architectures

Neuron most common architectures let build secure local communications that bridge the gap between the industrial plant floor
and Cloud-oriented or SCADA applications in total security.


Bridging Corporate and Control networks

This architecture provides a single-entry point to the plant floor in order to securely communicate with unlimited field devices from local SCADA systems and line-of-business applications.


Built-in Store&Forward capability

Each N3uron remote node acts as an Edge Gateway, collecting data locally and sending it to the central server using built-in store-and-forward mechanisms to ensure data integrity. All communications between N3uron nodes incorporate built-in security mechanisms to ensure critical Industrial Cybersecurity.


Plug-and-play connectivity to IoT Cloud Platforms

N3uron instantly connects to any standard MQTT broker or to any main Cloud platforms such as Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT and Google Cloud IoT. MQTT communications to IoT platforms include built-in unlimited Store-and-Forward capabilities and cutting-edge security mechanisms.

Industrial IoT–N3uron everywhere

N3uron Everywhere

Depending on its architecture, N3uron can run on large cloud servers, small devices with ARM or Intel Amor® processor with 500MB of RAM or big mainframes. With unlimited connections, users can connect all

their industrial automation devices from any place in the world in total security with a minimum connection of 2G. It can run natively on any device with a web browser — no plugins required.

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