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N3uron V.1.20.7 Release Notes

Fixes, changes and features in N3uron

Released February 16, 2022

Boostrap (v1.37.2)

Description: Fixed an issue where links may not reconnect properly after a sudden disconnection.

DataExporter (v1.6.1)

Description: N3uron references removed from inline help to avoid incongruencies with white label products.

FleetManagerClient (v1.0.3)

Description: Remote nodes with no valid Support and Maintenance agreement are now requested to reduce the amount of data sent to the central server.

ModbusClient (v1.21.0)

Description: Added poll-on-demand option.

Historian (v1.14.1)

Description: Fixed an issue causing data stored as null when the quality code was higher than 0xC0.

Notifier (v1.0.0) – NEW

Description: This new module permits sending email notifications periodically or based on alarms and events.

OpcDaClient (v1.6.1)

Description: Fixed an issue causing momentarily bad quality in the tags after saving changes in the configuration of the tags.

OpcUaClient (v1.12.3)

Description: Fixed a problem to handle INT64 data type properly.

Description: Endpoint parameter in the GetEndpoint request now is not empty.

RestApiServer (v1.3.2)

Description: Added `link.sfPause` API call.

Description: Filters changed to case insensitive.

WebUI (v1.15.12)

Description: Fixed an issue causing the user could not read alarms without read tags permission.

Description: Included an important security fix to prevent unauthorized access to WebUI.

WebVision (v1.1.8)

Description: Fixed an issue where tables may not update the data correctly.

Description: Fixed an issue where charts may not update the information correctly.