N3uron’s WEB SCADA Module

WEB SCADA – Everything You need, In One Single Platform

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N3uron’s Powerful Data Control System. The Capabilities are Limitless

N3uron’s Web Vision Software Module, SCADA, helps enterprises to significantly cut costs and risks by increasing productivity in operational efficiency and decision-making processes. Web Vision is a fully secure web-based SCADA solution developed entirely in HTML5 and is an integrated component of the N3uron platform ecosystem. Web Vision enables businesses to easily monitor and control all of their operational data.

fully web-based technology n3uron
Fully Web-based Technology

Our Web Vision module allows you to build your own custom SCADA system by using Web technologies, such as HTML5, SVG, and Javascript, giving you full extensive functionalities for controlling your data.

multiplatform n3uron

N3uron runs on Windows and Linux and supports numerous previous versions of both Operating Systems. You can access and configure N3uron from any device.

endless scalability n3uron
Fully Scalable

All N3uron licenses come with an unlimited number of tags, devices and clients.

Out-of-the-box Solution

Each module has been designed as an out-of-the-box software that is ready to use in just one minute.

built in security n3uron
Built-in Security

All data is transmitted using TLS advanced protocols to guarantee that your data is kept safe.

Full integrated Software Solution

N3uron is a highly customizable modular platform, which allows you to carry out additional functionalities by stacking new modules within your N3uron platform.

A fully Integrated Solution

N3uron’s software communication platform was developed to offer users a single solution capable of covering the entire data-treatment journey across your company, from collecting to visualizing data. N3uron’s extensive list of Modules offers solutions for connecting to practically any PLC. N3uron also allows companies to effortlessly connect to any SQL database, or alternatively use the MQTT module to connect to any IIoT device. Get the most out of your N3uron communication platform by selecting the perfect modules to suit your needs, or contact us for help.

fully integrated solution n3uron
scada Ipad n3uron

Keep control of all your data in real-time using N3uron’s powerful user Interface

N3uron’s Web Vision Software Module (SCADA) provides real-time data collection, giving you the ability to immediately check the situation of your facility, achieve safer operational activity and more efficient network management. Web Vision enables users to easily monitor, start, and stop processes at any given moment by simplifying the maintenance of the entire plant floor. In terms of scalability, this module is particularly powerful as it allows users to switch from network Edge systems to fully operational control rooms.

empower the way you want to work scada n3uron

Empowering the way you work

Web Vision is a fully customizable option that has been specially designed to be scaled up at any time, as and when you need it. It offers a powerful and versatile dashboard, allowing users to create a unique environment with custom charts and indicators for quick information analysis.

welcome to the truly multidevice web scada

Welcome to the ultimate multi-device: WEB SCADA

Web Vision does not require any other software or web browser plugins to be installed on your phone, tablet or desktop in order to operate on your responsive WEB SCADA. The software is also fully integrated with the N3uron Module ecosystem, meaning that you can run Web Vision on both Windows and Linux.

“The easy management of all utilities, the friendly HMI which allows easy identification and resolution of failures, its stability and timely and reliable alarm warnings”

Claudio Pavez

NovaSource Power Services

“The easy management of all utilities, the friendly HMI which allows easy identification and resolution of failures, its stability and timely and reliable alarm warnings”

Claudio Pavez

NovaSource Power Services

“The easy management of all utilities, the friendly HMI which allows easy identification and resolution of failures, its stability and timely and reliable alarm warnings”

Claudio Pavez

NovaSource Power Services

Main Features of Web Vision

allarming n3uron
Industrial historian n3uron
Industrial Historian
scripting n3uron
unlimited clients n3uron
Unlimited Clients
dynamic reporting n3uron
Dynamic Reporting
templates n3uron
https security n3uron
HTTPS Security
scalability n3uron
multi device n3uron
Out-of-the-box Installation and Updates
built in store forward n3uron
Built-in Store&Forward


Frequently asked questions about N3uron SCADA

What are N3uron Modules?

N3uron is a modular platform that gives you full access to your industrial and operational data, allowing organizations to securely and reliably collect, deliver, monitor, and control assets. The modular design also makes it easy to scale-up and expand the functionalities of your N3uron platform by allowing you to stack multiple modules without needing to pause N3uron. In this way, users can add extra functionalities to the platform and connect N3uron to any PLCs or OPC servers, etc., as well as create custom Industrial IoT or SCADA solutions. Visit our Modules page to learn more about all available N3uron functionalities.

How does the N3uron free trial work?

Each module in N3uron can be used for one hour at a time, with no further restrictions. Upon expiration of the demo, each module will automatically stop running. By logging into the N3uron web interface, the demo period can be re-started to enable another hour of execution time for each module. The demo period may be re-started any number of times.

What does unlimited licensing mean?

N3uron is a modular platform, which means that licensing is also module-based. That said, once you have purchased and own a module license, you can connect an unlimited number of clients, tags and connections to the module functionality installed on the platform. The only limitation that exists is the hardware capability of the device where N3uron has been installed.

Which devices is N3uron compatible with?

N3uron is a multiplatform software solution, which means that it can be run on both Windows and Linux Operating Systems. N3uron has been successfully tested on the following OS: Debian v7, Debian v8, Debian v9, Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS 7, RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019. It can be run on any device, including Raspberry Pi’s.

Is N3uron compatible with other SCADA solutions?

Yes, N3uron is a technology that was initially designed to communicate with the leading SCADA systems currently available on the market. However, you can now choose between connecting N3uron to your existing solution or installing Web Vision, our fully integrated SCADA module.

Who is using N3uron?

N3uron is a modular platform used by numerous integrators and industrial businesses around the world. Leading companies from all different sectors use N3uron for their IIoT projects. For a detailed list of the companies that have placed their trust in N3uron, visit our Customers page.

Where can I find training materials on how to use N3uron?

We offer individual training classes to all clients to help you get started using our software communication platform as soon as possible.

Try the N3uron free trial version for yourself!

Full-featured demo mode (one-hour demo)

Some companies who have trusted in N3uron

Companies who have placed their trust In N3uron Industrial IoT
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