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Welcome to the latest version of N3uron, V.1.20.

Pro Data Acquisition and Delivery Pro Edge and Visualization Capabilities

N3uron V.1.20

V.1.20 is the latest version of the N3uron communication software platform and has been designed to empower all Industrial IoT projects. It offers unique capabilities that are simply not available from other software solutions as it has been carefully designed by a team of experienced experts in the automation sector. The new N3uron V.1.20 version comes with an entire set of new and updated software modules, allowing you to further enhance and scale-up your N3uron functionalities. It is also fully compatible with all leading Cloud and SCADA systems. Alternatively, you can use our new Web Vision module to build your own custom HTML SCADA, which will allow you to monitor and control your Industrial projects. This module has been built with love from the ground up, maintaining data security at the forefront of the design process at all times.

N3uron Platform

Description: You can now associate multiple alarm conditions to each tag. Alarms are transmitted via links to remote nodes and can be stored using Historian.

Description: Tags may now be associated to one or more Views. Each link may also publish any specified View.

Description: Each node generates its own digital certificate.

Description: Ability to choose the node name during installation.

Description: When re-running the installer for the purpose of re-instalment or forcing an update, the installer will automatically avoid the TCP port section and maintain the current settings.

Description: Specific field for configuring API parameters for each module.

Description: Modules with local tag licenses will now only access local tags.

Custom Client

Description: Access to new tools, such as the buffer, sprint, and moment.

Description: New functions for saving and retrieving persistent variables from disk.

Description: Option in the $.variableSet to force an event if the value and quality do not change.

Data Exporter

Description: Failures during file uploads to an FTP server could keep the module stuck in this file.

Derived Tags

Description: Added JavaScript syntax checking and highlighting capabilities for expression tags.

Dnp Client | New

Description: Driver for DNP3 devices. Supports reading using static poll and Event poll. Does not support writing values and connections over UDP.

Domino Client | New

Description: Codenet protocol for Domino Ax-Series printers. Supports communication over TCP and serial interfaces. Supports write commands.


Description: Ability to store alarms and events in Historian.

Description: Data storage in multiple nodes.

Iec102 Client | New

Description: Driver for IEC 60870-5-102 REE electrical meters for reading real-time data.

Description: This module can now act as a gateway for external connections in order to enable concurrent access to meters with third party applications.

Modbus Client

Description: Ability to swap bytes within strings.

Mqtt Client

Description: Added support for connections to Google IoT Core using JSON Web Tokens.

Description: This module can now act as a subscriber in order to retrieve data from an MQTT broker and parse it to tags.

Opc Ua Client

Description: Clients were stalling when waiting for new updates if a connection was broken.

Opc Xml Client | New

Description: Driver for connecting to OPC XML DA devices. Supports reading elements in any array and HTTP Basic Authentication. Does not support write commands.

Rest Api Client

Description: All ISO 8601 timestamp formats included.

Description: Added a timeout and retry setting for failing servers.


Description: Several libraries are now included as internal libraries so that the user is not required to import them manually. Internal libraries that have been bundled: JSZip, LZ4, Moment.js, MongoDB, MQTT.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Protobuf.js, SQL Server, WebSockets and Xml2Js.

Description: Modules can now act as the source data for tags. In this way, modules can be the source of a tag and also update the value, quality and timestamp from any script.

Description: Access to sprintf function for stings formatting.

Description: API calls for interacting with Views and Alarms.

Description: Syntax check and validation.

Description: Added JavaScript mode to script text area.

Description: Log errors with invalid task/action/script.

Sql Client | New

Description: Driver for retrieving data from MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

Web UI

Description: Section added for visualizing current status of all alarms and applying & acknowledging filters.

Description: Section added for visualizing historical alarms and applying date range (and other filters).

Description: Link diagnostics show more detailed information for each link.

Description: New View section for creating Views.

Description: Certificates section added to the Links configuration area for managing any digital certificates used by Links.

Web Vision | New

Description: Pure web HMI/SCADA interface for industrial applications.

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