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New features available with N3uron V.1.20.4.

Key Features and Enhancements

N3uron V.1.20.4 brings exciting new features and functionalities. It is packed with new enhancements for its modules and further improvements in its core. These new updates take N3uron to a new level of capabilities and performance maintaining everything users love about N3uron.

Custom Client

Description: Cyclic steps may not behave as expected under certain conditions.

Description: When a write transaction is triggered while disabled, it may enter into a continuous loop.

Data Exporter

Description: Permits prefixes to be added to the tag path in files.

Description: Permits a specific timezone (UTC, Local or Custom) to be selected for timestamps in the files.

Description: Permits customization of the timestamp format in files.

Description: Non-compressed files now are created as .tmp and subsequently renamed to .csv or .xml when completed.

Derived Tags

Description: Runtime has been streamlined to increase the overall performance of data processing.

Description: Ability to maintain the execution of aggregation and expressions, even if some of the tags involved are received via a link and the link is unresponsive.

Description: Included the $. object for standardization with the rest of the scripts in the platform.

Dnp Client

Description: Added write operations.

Description: Configuration interfaces may not support some specific data types.

Description: Fixed 1.1.X data parsing (binary packed).

Description: Added write qualifier selection.

Dnp Server

Description: Configuration interfaces may not support some specific data types.

Fleet Manager Client | New

Description: New module to connect to Fleet Manager Server to monitor the entire fleet of N3uron nodes from a central interface.


Description: Added authentication when connecting to a non-embedded MongoDB.

Description: The name of the historical database is now configurable when using a non-embedded MongoDB.

Laetus Wt Client

Description: Write operations may fail under specific circumstances.

Modbus Server

Description: Max. connections equal to zero closes the connection instead of permitting unlimited connections.

Mqtt Client

Description: Inline help improved.

Description: Tag filters now permit Include/Exclude rules.

Opc Ua Client

Description: A PEM certificate received from the client may fail.

Description: The endpoint parameter in the GetEndpoint request is no longer empty.

Opc Xml Client

Description: Now accepts wider data definitions to support servers not completely following the standard.

Rest Api Client

Description: Added support to triggers based on a tag condition.

Rest Api Server

Description: Added support to HTTPS connections.

Description: Now supports basic and token authentication.

Description: Permits different accesses to be provided to users.

Description: More than one historical tag can now be requested in one query.

Sma Client

Description: Support for SMA Net protocol.

Sql Client

Description: Ability to define maximum buffer size.

Description: Changed the name of the Index column to ID in the default script.

Description: Added support to generate events when only the timestamp changes.

Vdma Xml Client

Description: Tag values may not be included in the log when in Trace mode.

Web UI

Description: Permits digital certificates to reload automatically.

Description: Supports the use of IPv6 addresses in configuration.

Description: Provides the number of historical data points retrieved in the chart.

Description: Data format applied to the historical data presented in the data table and exported to .csv files.

Web Vision

Description: Specific component for presenting numbers and providing the right format to numbers.

Description: Table to list the status of the links.

Description: Table to list the status of the modules.

Description: Permits tag subscriptions to be controlled to pause the subscription when the tags are not shown in the interface.

Description: Access to links, modules, and node status.

Description: Download table to csv action.

Description: Input subscription management at container level.

Description: Predefined colors for each alarm status.

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