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Press Release / April 06, 2020

N3uron Connectivity Systems Covid-19 Response

How we are helping customers and employees

For Users and Partners. In order to support businesses through this challenging time, from now until August 1st 2020, you can use N3uron to safely monitor and control your remote systems from your home at no extra cost. Simply request your license at and get connected to your assets in no time.

Fully Remote Workforce. All N3uron employees are now required to work from home, and we will continue to use our internal communication tools (including Hangouts, Slack, and email) to keep staff updated on all the latest developments. N3uron fosters a robust remote work culture, which has helped us to adapt quickly to this ever-changing situation and allows us to continue to deliver undisrupted support to our customers, remaining entirely focused on their most urgent needs.

However, we do understand that everybody’s circumstances are different, so if you have any suggestions about how we can better support you, please let us know by emailing us at Our team are working hard to attend to every message we receive.

Thank you all for your continued understanding and support during these unsettling times.


Pier Giorgio Parrini

Marketing & Business Development Manager at N3uron Connectivity Systems. Pier Giorgio holds a University Degree in communication and a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing from CEU University and UDIMA. He brings more than 10 years of marketing and communication experience to the company. Since joining N3uron Connectivity Systems in 2018, Pier Giorgio has worked to strengthen the brand awareness and position of the company and its products along with driving its growth. In his spare time, Pier Giorgio loves spending time with his family, bike riding and travelling.