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Press Release / June 28, 2021

N3uron V.1.20.4 is here!

This update brings exciting new features to Data Exporter, enhancements to the Rest Api Server and Client, and much more.

V.1.20.4, the latest version of N3uron is now available and brings exciting new features to N3uron’s IIoT Communication Software platform. V.1.20.4 comes with many new functionalities and is packed with added enhancements for its modules, including Data Exporter, Rest Api Server & Client, and Dnp Client, as well as further improvements to N3uron’s core to boost the user experience. These new updates push N3uron to a higher level of capabilities and performance, whilst maintaining everything users love about N3uron.

N3uron V.1.20.4 comes with all-new improvements to ensure an even better user experience.

Data Exporter: More Permits and Controls

The most significant update to DataExporter since its release in 2018 brings about an efficiency upgrade to one of the most in-demand N3uron modules by expanding its functionalities. The Data Exporter timestamp format and timezone feature provides extra functionalities for log messages and timezones, allowing users to choose the format and time used on generated tag groups.

N3uron’s Data Exporter Module now comes with an additional feature that allows users to include a prefix to the tag path in files, providing improved control over the module and generated files.

The Data Exporter Module offers enhancements to non-compressed files that are now created as “.tmp” for subsequent renaming to CSV or XML files with raw or aggregated data once completed.

The Data Exporter timestamp format and timezone features now include additional personalized functionalities for generated tag groups.

Dnp Client: Improvements to Write Operations and Core

The Dnp Client Module in N3uron V.1.20.4 comes with significant improvements to performance and efficiency, offering users secure connections to any Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) compliant device via Ethernet or serial communications.

With N3uron V.1.20.4, the Dnp Client Module no longer has a default limitation in the configuration panel, allowing users to select from a more diverse range of parameter options. Dnp Client Module capabilities have also been increased thanks to the addition of the write operations feature, making it possible to write values via Dnp.

Dnp Client Module is now equipped with even more secure connections to any Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) compliant device through ethernet or serial communications.

Rest Api: New Server and Client Controls

The Rest Api Client and Server Modules available in N3uron V.1.20.4 offer new functionalities that have been designed to help users manage connections to most RESTful Api Servers with more ease than ever. Rest Api Client Module also includes a new feature for tag conditions. Users can now create period triggers based on a tag condition, either by periodic trigger or by tag events.

The Rest Api Server Module in N3uron V.1.20.4 offers new essential enhancements. Users can now configure the Rest Server to accept HTTPS connections. To authenticate a connection, users can also configure usernames and passwords or establish a private key, both within the server.

An exciting new improvement to permissions has also been included in this latest version: the ability to select different access restrictions to the API. Users are able to limit access to tag routes by creating additional permissions and views. With the new V.1.20.4 version, the Rest Api Server can now include multiple historical tags in just one request.

Users can now use their Rest Api Client module to create period triggers based on a tag condition, which can be either by a periodic trigger or tag events.

Web Vision: New Alarm and Component features

With N3uron V.1.20.4, N3uron’s Web SCADA ‘Web Vision’ gains new capabilities. Web Vision can now access links, modules, and node status. In addition, these new updates allow users to control tag subscriptions for the purpose of pausing the subscription when tags are not shown on the interface. Web Vision also acquires new capacities with the introduction of the components area, making it easier to present and provide the right format to numbers. Improvements have also been made to the alarms table, where each alarm status now comes with predefined colors.

WebUI: Secure new Controls and more

Web UI, N3uron’s IIoT platform interface, delivers new security features to automatically enable digital certificates to be reloaded. Improvements made to the interface area mean that Web UI now supports the use of IPv6 addresses. The configuration retrieval of the Web UI also offers improvements to the chart area, where the data format is now applied to the historical data presented in the data table and exported to .csv files.


N3uron V.1.20.4 is available today as a free software update in the download area. For more information, visit’s-new/

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Pier Giorgio Parrini

Marketing & Business Development Manager at N3uron Connectivity Systems. Pier Giorgio holds a University Degree in communication and a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing from CEU University and UDIMA. He brings more than 10 years of marketing and communication experience to the company. Since joining N3uron Connectivity Systems in 2018, Pier Giorgio has worked to strengthen the brand awareness and position of the company and its products along with driving its growth. In his spare time, Pier Giorgio loves spending time with his family, bike riding and travelling.

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