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IEC 104 Module: Transforming Connectivity for Power Plants

Can you imagine a world where your electronic devices seamlessly communicate, offering precise control at your fingertips? If this vision resonates with you, then you’re in good company. This article introduces the innovative N3uron IEC 104 Client, a solution meticulously crafted to redefine connectivity and control in your operations. Tailored for applications spanning power generation & distribution, data centers, oil & gas and beyond, our IEC 104 Client, implements the IEC 608070-5-104 and excels in environments where meticulous monitoring and control of power are non-negotiable.

Efficient Connectivity and Deployment

In the realm of the energy industry, the IEC 104 Client allows simple connection and communication with any intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), RTUs, controllers, and gateways that adhere to the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol. As an integrated part of the IEC Telecontrol Equipment and Systems Standard IEC 60870-5, the IEC 104 facilitates seamless communication, specifically tailored for transmitting telecontrol messages within electric power system automation. N3uron’s IEC 104 Client boasts an intuitive setup, configuration, and management process, requiring no effort to establish communication with devices.

Unlimited and Versatile Data Retrieval

Connect and access an unlimited number of devices and systems with IEC 104 Client module. The IEC 104 Client seamlessly links to electrical substation devices, providing reliable communication for HMI, SCADA, and Historian applications. It features versatile scan modes, including cyclic, background scan, and polled device interrogation, ensuring dynamic data access to meet any operational requirements.

Advantages of the IEC 104 Client

Versatile Scan Modes

Cyclic, background scans, and polled reads ensure dynamic data retrieval, catering to diverse operational requirements.

Efficient Write Operations

Direct Execute functionality simplifies write operations, amplifying control capabilities for users.

Comprehensive Interrogation

General and Group Interrogation options provide flexibility in querying devices, ensuring optimal information retrieval.

Support for Common ASDUs

Support for the most common Application Service Data Units (ASDUs) streamlines data exchange, promoting interoperability.

Sharing Data with Third-Party Applications

Data retrieved using the IEC 104 Client can be easily shared with third-party applications via any Data Delivery module. N3uron supports multiple options, including MQTT Client, OPC UA Server, Sparkplug Client, REST API Server, and much more. This flexibility enables seamless integration with existing systems and opens up limitless possibilities for data integration.

GIF demonstrating IEC 104 WebUI and WebVision for ensuring scalability through multi-channel support.

The IEC 104 Client Module and Beyond

Whether you are dealing with protective relays, RTUs, circuit breakers, inverters, meters or any other devices, integrating the IEC 104 Client into your N3uron node, you can easily enable bidirectional data flow between your devices and applications. Better data from interconnected devices empowers operators to make proactive decisions that increase efficiency, reduce downtime and avoid outages. Explore the depths of the IEC 104 Client’s capabilities on our product page and embark on a journey to reshape the way you bridge data and operations.

IEC 104Product UpdatesV.1.21.7

Alberto Gaglia

Alberto Gaglia is a Customer Success Engineer and Marketing Assistant at N3uron Connectivity Systems. He holds a University Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and, since joining N3uron in 2021, has worked in the customer and marketing team to provide a better customer experience.

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