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N3uron 1.21.8: A Whole Bunch of New Features to Strengthen Security and Enhance User Experience

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With the arrival of spring, we’re pleased to present N3uron 1.21.8, a version packed with enhancements aimed at fortifying security and enhancing user experience. Building upon the foundation of its predecessor, N3uron 1.21.7, this update introduces a range of features designed to streamline operations and empower users.

From the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for simplified data modeling to the optimization of faster DLMS Client reconnections, each addition in N3uron 1.21.8 is tailored to improve efficiency. Explore the convenience of custom certificates for HTTPS connections and the seamless integration of real-time data visualization through our new iframe Web Vision component.

Your feedback continues to drive our commitment to improvement. Join us in embracing the spirit of renewal this season and experience firsthand the enhanced connectivity and efficiency offered by N3uron 1.21.8.

Drag and Drop to Simplify Data Model

N3uron 1.21.8 brings the possibility to drag and drop an input into the custom properties section and have it automatically created and assigned. If an input is dragged and dropped into a group, the value of that input is assigned to all the same inputs in that group. This allows for much faster building of the data model and quick and easy future modifications.

New Iframe Web Vision’s Component

Incorporating iframes into your Web Vision can greatly enhance its functionality. By embedding real-time data visualization tools, video streamings or external applications directly within the Web Vision interface using iframes, operators can seamlessly monitor and control various processes without the need to switch between multiple software platforms. This integration not only streamlines workflow but also provides a comprehensive overview of operations, ultimately improving efficiency and decision-making in industrial environments.

Faster DLMS Client Reconnection

In this new version, the DLMS Client has been optimized to read the Association View only during the initial connection to a meter. This improvement streamlines subsequent connections, resulting in increased efficiency.

Custom Certificates and CSR generator for HTTPS Connections

N3uron 1.21.8 introduces the capability to establish HTTPS connections using either custom self-signed certificates or Certificate Signing Requests (CSRs) submitted to a trusted external Certificate Authority (CA) for signing.

Editable Help for Custom Properties

From this version onwards, it’s possible to edit the help in the custom properties. This enables the addition of private internal explanatory notes.

Fixed Rate Historization

Now it is possible to configure fixed-rate historization for tags. This functionality enables the consistent storage of raw data points at predetermined intervals within the database.

Token Generator for ClientID

In order to prevent disconnections and ensure the creation of a unique ID, N3uron now incorporates a token generator for the ClientID field in both the MQTT Client and the Sparkplug Client modules.

Snapshot Improvement for MQTT Client

Three interval types have been added to the snapshot publisher: fixed time, fixed interval and Cron. In addition, the events publisher has been improved to work more understandably and simply.

Learn More About 1.21.8 Latest Enhancements

Stay up-to-date with the latest improvements and updates in N3uron 1.21.8! Our release notes and Knowledge Base provide comprehensive details on all the new features and functionalities. Your feedback is the heartbeat of our development, we eagerly await your thoughts on N3uron 1.21.8 and value your input for shaping future releases.

Download N3uron 1.21.8 today to experience the seamless integration, improved connectivity, and versatile features that position N3uron as a leader in its field.

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Alberto Gaglia

Alberto Gaglia is a Customer Success Engineer and Marketing Assistant at N3uron Connectivity Systems. He holds a University Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and, since joining N3uron in 2021, has worked in the customer and marketing team to provide a better customer experience.

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