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Press Release / August 10, 2020

N3uron Connectivity Systems Release N3uron V.1.20

New Capabilities in Data Acquisition, Delivery and Visualisation

Madrid, Spain (July 23, 2020) — N3uron Connectivity Systems today released N3uron V.1.20, a significant update to its Industrial IoT Communication Software platform. This new version gives users more robust data and delivery acquisition capacities, more in-depth customisation and scalability, and all in total security. N3uron V.1.20 comes along with the new Web Vision Module. N3uron Web Vision is a modern HTML SCADA that adds powerful new capabilities to the N3uron ecosystem.

N3uron by N3uron Connectivity Systems is an industrial application designed to build solutions in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). N3uron is used in many industries, in more than 50 countries. 

“We are thrilled to be sharing N3uron V.1.20 with the industry,” said Javier Arena, the R&D Director at N3uron Connectivity Systems. “I’m eager to see what people build with N3uron Web Vision Module, our new HTML SCADA, built from the ground up for industrial applications”.

N3uron Web Vision is a fully secure web-based SCADA solution developed entirely in HTML5 which provides full control from any device with access to the internet. SCADA applications built with N3uron Web Vision fit any size screen where the SCADA application is shown, from mobile phone to desktop without needing any plugin. Web Vision enables people to enhance their SCADA system innovatively and creatively.

N3uron V.1.20 provides new capabilities to build secure local communications that bridge the gap between the industrial plant floor and Cloud-oriented or SCADA applications. A faster[…] Ask Fran to expand this subject.

All these new features implemented in N3uron V.1.20, along with the new Web Vision Module, represent a significant step forward for users of N3uron,” said Radu Andrei Bloch, Software Developer at N3uron Connectivity Systems. “these new updates are going to simplify the way people work.

For more information on N3uron V.1.20 and N3uron Web Vision Module, visit “What’s New?” webpage at

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N3uron Connectivity Systems designs modern Industrial software solutions to empower organisations to accomplish any data collection project whilst minimising technological and financial obstacles. N3uron Connectivity Systems created N3uron software platform, a powerful Industrial IoT and SCADA software solution. N3uron helps organisations from distinct industry around the world to embrace the new industrial revolution 4.0. For more information, visit (

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Pier Giorgio Parrini

Marketing & Business Development Manager at N3uron Connectivity Systems. Pier Giorgio holds a University Degree in communication and a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing from CEU University and UDIMA. He brings more than 10 years of marketing and communication experience to the company. Since joining N3uron Connectivity Systems in 2018, Pier Giorgio has worked to strengthen the brand awareness and position of the company and its products along with driving its growth. In his spare time, Pier Giorgio loves spending time with his family, bike riding and travelling.