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Press Release / March 29, 2021

N3uron has been listed among the Top 10 Telecom Industry Trends in 2021

An exhaustive analysis of 3,519 solutions has determined the top 10 Telecom Industry Trends

Madrid, Spain. (March 29, 2021) – StartUs Insights, the worldwide data science company, has listed N3uron among the top 10 Telecom Industry Trends in 2021, in recognition of its industrial IoT communication software platform.

According to StartUs Insights, Industrial IoT allows businesses to boost profits, improve their management systems and implement industry 4.0 in the telecom sector. As an IIoT solution, StartUs Insights highlights N3uron for its outstanding Web-based SCADA software module Web Vision, with special recognition for its data acquisition and delivery software modules (including MQTT) and its compatibility with multiple operating systems.

We want to thank StartUs Insights for selecting N3uron as one of the top ten emerging companies in 2021 after conducting quite exhaustive analysis of 3,519 solutions. We would also like to thank our clients for entrusting us with their industrial automation projects and having the courage to embrace new and innovative solutions now available on the market. This kind of recognition only reflects the innovative and passionate talent of our team and the company itself. They are the driving force behind everything we deliver and constantly striving to help our clients expand their industrial automation projects and businesses.

Find the full StartUs Insights article on the Top 10 Telecom Industry Trends in 2021 here.

About N3uron

N3uron is a business development company dedicated to designing modern industrial software solutions to empower organisations to accomplish any data collection system project, whilst minimising technological and financial obstacles. After years of experience designing and implementing IIoT solutions for the industrial market, we created N3uron; the first universal industrial application platform for data collection with endless potential. From the plant floor to the wind farm to the cloud solution, N3uron serves a wide range of customers, including Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Building Automation, Pharma industries and more. N3uron’s software solution helps thousands of businesses around the world to embrace the new industrial revolution 4.0. For more information, visit or follow N3uron on Twitter at @N3uron1.


Pier Giorgio Parrini

Marketing & Business Development Manager at N3uron Connectivity Systems. Pier Giorgio holds a University Degree in communication and a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing from CEU University and UDIMA. He brings more than 10 years of marketing and communication experience to the company. Since joining N3uron Connectivity Systems in 2018, Pier Giorgio has worked to strengthen the brand awareness and position of the company and its products along with driving its growth. In his spare time, Pier Giorgio loves spending time with his family, bike riding and travelling.