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N3uron 1.21.7: New DLMS Client and IEC 104 Client Modules, WebUI & Web Vision Updates, Heatmap Component, Historical Data and Alarms Retrieval via Links, SQL Client Support for Timescale, and Much More.

Image showing the number of the version corresponding to the N3uron release over a colorful background.

As we kick off the new year, we’re excited to introduce N3uron 1.21.7. This new release brings a lot of new functionalities and features and is a clear reflection of our commitment to meeting your needs. N3uron 1.21.7 is here to make your experience even better, and we’re thrilled to take this journey with you. Here’s to a year of growth and improvement with N3uron!

Discover the new DLMS Client and IEC 104 Client, explore the added Heatmap component in Web Vision, and enjoy various improvements in both Web UI and Web Vision. Uncover the convenience of historical data and alarms retrieval via links, along with the SQL Client support for Timescale. There’s a lot more waiting for you. Take a closer look at what N3uron 1.21.7 has to offer!

DLMS Client New Module

The DLMS Client Module (IEC 62056) enables users to swiftly establish connections and retrieve data from virtually any meter that supports the DLMS protocol. The DLMS Client supports both serial and Ethernet connections. By adding the DLMS Client to your N3uron node, you can streamline energy monitoring and analysis, as well as enhance visibility and management of energy usage in your assets.

GIF demonstrating DLMS WebUI and WebVision for building data models with Drag and Drop.

IEC 104 Client New Module

The IEC 104 Client module allows users to quickly and easily connect to any RTUs, IEDs, controllers, and gateways supporting the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol. Its versatile design seamlessly integrates with HMI, SCADA, or Historian applications. Key features include cyclic, background scan and polled reads, along with direct execute for writes and interrogation options (General or Group). Experience unlimited connections and devices with multi-channel support as well as an unlimited number of tags for flexible data management.

GIF demonstrating IEC 104 WebUI and WebVision for ensuring scalability through multi-channel support.

WebUI & Web Vision Updates

N3uron 1.21.7 brings some exciting new features to our Historian chart. Now, you’ll find vertical cursors that allow you to quickly and precisely display time-series values, enhancing your data visualization and analysis.

But that’s not all! We’ve also expanded the Historical Chart legend to include essential information such as minimum, maximum, and average values. This enhancement provides even greater insights into your data trends, offering a comprehensive view of your historical data.

GIF demonstrating the new features to N3uron's Historian chart.

Heatmap Web Vision’s Component

In the realm of asset management, context is key. Recognizing that simply knowing about an issue is not enough, asset managers require a deeper understanding of when and where underperformance occurs to address it efficiently.

The Heatmap component within the Web Vision application offers users a comprehensive view of historical aggregated and categorical data at the element level (for example wind turbines or inverters). This allows asset managers to identify the exact times and locations of underperformance in their portfolio, asset managers can swiftly identify inefficiencies and address them at the individual element level. These insights enable informed decision-making and targeted optimization strategies for maximizing asset performance.

GIF demonstrating the dashboard for a Heatmap of Inverter's Power Energy per Station (kWh)

Historical Data and Alarms Retrieval via Links

N3uron 1.21.7 introduces a powerful enhancement, the capability to effortlessly visualize historical tags and alarms via Links. Now, you can seamlessly access historical tags and alarms not just from your current node but also from any other remote nodes connected through links. This feature expands your analytical reach, allowing you to conduct comprehensive historical trend and alarm analysis across your entire network.

Historical Data and Alarms Retrieval via Links

SQL Client support for Timescale

Our SQL Client module now features seamless integration with Timescale databases, offering built-in support and effortless configuration. Users can now quickly connect to a Timescale database, leveraging automatic partitioning and data compression without the need for additional setup.

Image showing how to connect to a Timescale database without the need for additional setup.

Other Improvements

In our continuous pursuit of improvement, N3uron 1.21.7 brings forth an array of enhancements across various modules, ensuring a more seamless and versatile experience for users.

DNP3 Server

To enhance compatibility, N3uron 1.21.7 incorporates a Qualifier code for static poll, shifting from 7 to 0, as per a community request. This adjustment ensures smoother operations in response to user feedback.

BACnet Client

Now it is possible to set manually a device IP address. This feature is particularly useful for communicating with devices on different subnets, even in the absence of a BBMD or in the presence of a misconfigured BBMD.


LDAP configuration now offers more options to permit connections to different servers, including FreeIPA. This expansion caters to diverse user environments and requirements.


N3uron 1.21.7 includes new configuration settings such as Active Delay, Clear Delay, Clear Deadband and Timestamp Source, as well as Ack Mode. These settings provide users with greater control and customization options for their alarm configurations.


Easily configure and connect the Historian module to any MongoDB database on-premise or in the cloud with a MongoDB connection URL. Additionally, support for the mongodb+srv protocol has been added for seamless connection to high-availability and fault-tolerant MongoDB replicaset clusters.

REST API Client & Notifier

Now, both modules introduce support for CRON expressions. This enhancement provides users with greater flexibility in scheduling tasks, contributing to more efficient and automated workflows.

Learn More About 1.21.7 Latest Enhancements

Stay up-to-date with the latest improvements and updates in N3uron 1.21.7! Our release notes and Knowledge Base provide comprehensive details on all the new features and functionalities. Your feedback is the heartbeat of our development, we eagerly await your thoughts on N3uron 1.21.7 and value your input for shaping future releases.

Download N3uron 1.21.7 today to experience the seamless integration, improved connectivity, and versatile features that position N3uron as a leader in its field.

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Alberto Gaglia

Alberto Gaglia is a Customer Success Engineer and Marketing Assistant at N3uron Connectivity Systems. He holds a University Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and, since joining N3uron in 2021, has worked in the customer and marketing team to provide a better customer experience.

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